Mission Sunday is an opportunity for the Body of Friendship to go outside of the walls of the Church and serve our community.  The purpose of the Mission Sunday is to service those in our community who are in need.  Mission Sunday will be on the 5th Sunday of each month.  The Church will provide a free breakfast at 8 am.  At 8:30 am, Pastor Jim will lead the church in a brief worship service and shortly after 9 am, people will serve in an Mission Project.  Listed below are some of the projects from our past Mission Sundays.

  • Neighborhood Canvas: Working alongside Pastor Jim and others, groups will go door-to-door in neighborhoods near the Church and offer prayer and extended an invitation to attend Friendship if the person(s) do not currently have a place to worship.  Members will be placed in groups of 2-3 people.
  • Homeless Outreach: Working along side Deacon Paul Thornton, this group will go to pre-identified homeless camps and provide prayer and other resources to the homeless.
  • Yard work: A member of our church is need of some yard work in her backyard.  This group spend time clearing, cleaning, and completing various other activities in the yard.
  • Gift cards: The members of this group will go with one of the members of Church Leadership and provide gift cards to pay for meals at Village Inn in Pace.  This group will offer to pray and extend an invitation to attend Friendship if the person(s) do not currently have a place to worship. 
  • Visiting nursing homes: Working with Cheryl Lowrimore, this group will visit nursing homes near Berryhill Rd.  During the visit, this group will sing, pray, and offer hope/encouragement to the residents.
  • Homeless Bags: Working with Sandra Perrin, this group will assemble bags that can be given out to the homeless.  The bags will be prayed over and encouragement cards will be written and placed in each bag.
If you are still not sure where to plug-in, ask any member of Church Leadership and they will be happy to assist you.