LIFE Groups

L.I.F.E. (Living Intentionally for Eternity) are small, home based groups which meet on Sunday evenings throughout our community.  The group size varies from 6 people to as large as 20 people. The structure and topic of each is a varied as the members of the church; some groups are older adults, others have parents with small children, while others are based on geographic location. The leaders of the group have the flexibility of doing a follow up from Sunday’s Service, while others utilize Right Now Media, and others follow a traditional Bible Study. What each have in common is a focus on faith and fellowship (almost always food).
Dynamic Faith Group
Contact Paul Thornton (850-490-2940) for more information and details.
Lowrimore Group
Contact Cheryl Lowrimore (850-281-5660) or Laura Bragg (850-418-0755) for details.


Brian & Sharmonie Riley
9th – 12th Grade
Call for more information
Terry & Chelle Martin


College Age/Young Adults

Call for more information

Praising Our Savior LIFE Group

Dan & Betty Melvin


Call for more information

Jeff & Anica Padgett
6th – 8th Grade
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