Welcome to Friendship Baptist Church... Our mission is to be a life saving church to our community!

Our Mission:

Realizing there is power in friendship (Ecclesiastes 4:9-12) we as a body of believers seek friendship with God by connecting people to God through relevant worship and practical biblical teaching, and we seek friendship with others by connecting people to people through biblical community for the purpose of ministry, fellowship, and encouragement.


Go, Jesus! Stories

DNOW and Church Work Day

Disciple Now is this weekend. DNOW is a weekend retreat for middle and high schoolers. It is an excellent opportunity to fellowship, share your faith, strengthen your faith, grow your faith, and rejoice with others as they grow their faith. There is still time to sign up. See Jim for more details. In addition to […]

Ready, Set, Go!

Women’s Ministry Come join us for a great time to get info on coming events, meeting new friends, and a little bit of refreshing words from one of our leaders about running the race (spiritual) this year! Date: 2/21/2015 Time: 10 am to Noon or so… Location: Fellowship Hall of Friendship Baptist Church Contact: Valerie […]


Go, Jesus! Story #6

I am so thankful for the power of prayer! I woke up this morning just totally and completely overwhelmed. I could hear the water running, could see the holes in the wall, and the fact that no water leak could be found was just too much. I knew I needed to grocery shop, yet knew […]


Go, Jesus! Story #5

For a while, I was so doubtful of my relationship with my boyfriend, due to not spiritually being on the same page. I continuously prayed to God, asking him to clean out my boyfriend’s ears and to touch his heart. The harder I prayed, the more he began to feel God stir inside! He has […]